Programming, Design & Robotics

Programming, Design & Robotics is for students looking for comprehensive project-based training in websites, software business designs, animation and robotics.  Students will learn basic electronics as well.  Microcontrollers, breadboards and several robotics kits will be used.

Learn more about Mr. VanKirk, and the Programming, Design & Robotics program here.

  • Digital image design
  • Robotics (microcontrollers)
  • Animation
  • 3D game development
  • Website development
  • Software development
  • Operating systems (build and configure a web server)
  • Firewalls (network security)
  • Programming (VB, Javascript, ASP, SQL, PHP, C++, and others)
  • Databases (SQL and Access, interacting with websites)
  • Other related topics
  • Entry-level programmer
  • Graphics designer
  • LAN administrator
  • Information technology security
  • Service technician
  • Website designer
  • Other related information technology fields
  • Engineering related fields