This information is for students who will be attending a program at a school other than the home school. 

*** Students MUST attend their program beginning the first day of the program regardless of when their home school calendar begins.  For example, Norton begins on August 19th.  If your student attends a program housed at Norton,  your student MUST begin attending at Norton on August 19th.  See instructions below. 

STUDENT DRIVINGCompact students are able to drive to their program school with parent permission and by completing paperwork at both the home and program schools.  Students will purchase and pay for a parking pass at their home school. Students will take their home school parking pass to their program school and complete the required paperwork.  An additional pass will be provided to the student or a sticker will be applied to the home school parking pass.  Click here for the Driving Permission form.

BUS INFO: Except for calamity days, ALL compact buses (the bus from a high school to the hub site) run when any ONE or more schools are in session.  The hub site is Norton (there is no Norton bus).  Procedure:  You will board the bus at the home school and be transported to Norton High School.  If your program is at Norton, your trip is over.  For students continuing to Barberton, Copley, or Wadsworth, you will transfer to a Barberton, Copley, or Wadsworth bus to complete your trip.  At the end of your program time, the process is reversed.  NOTE: Some students may have to leave the program early in order to ride a return bus.  Please review this time on the first day with your instructor.  Click here for the 2017-18 Bus Schedule.

  • Except for calamity days, you must attend classes at the program school when the program school is in session—even if your home school is not in session.  You will be considered “unexcused absent” if you do not attend. 
  • The ONLY exception is if your school is closed due to a calamity, such as a snow day. 
  • School starts on the following days: Barberton-August 24; Norton-August 22; Wadsworth-August 24; Copley-August 23
  • When the home school is not in session but the program school is, students must find their own transportation from home to their home high school if student normally rides a compact bus.   

CALAMITY DAYS:  If your home school is called off, do not attend the home school or the program school.  DO NOT DRIVE TO THE PROGRAM SCHOOL.  If your program school is called off, attend the home school and ask your home school administrator for further instructions.  If Norton is called off, there will be NO compact busses.  You will be given excused absences for calamity days. 
ABSENCES:  Parents, please report student absences at both the home and program schools. See contacts below.
     Barberton:  Mrs. Geri Ball, 330-753-1084, ext. 25530
     Copley:   Mrs. Carla Zahler, 330-664-4822
     Norton:   Mrs. Mary Calhoun, 330-706-2760
     Wadsworth:  Mrs. Kandy Wallet, 330-335-1370

If you are late for school and miss your bus, you are to report to the Guidance Office—except at Norton HS report to the Main Office—so that your program school can be notified.  The student will remain in that office until the next bus. 

If you have any questions about the programs, please contact the following guidance counselors:
     Barberton:   Mr. Chris Bruner, 330-753-1084, ext. 25511
     Copley:    Mrs. Jenny Morganti, 330-664-4829
     Norton:   Mrs. Jessica Williams, 330-825-6104
     Wadsworth:   Mrs. Jodie McInnes, 330-335-1381


Once students arrive at the destination school they will follow that school's policies on signing in.


Students are to follow the rules of the district and school when they are in that district's high school, on that district's property, or on that district's bus.  Students who violate these rules may be disciplined up to and including suspensions, expulsions, and removal from the program.