This information is for students who will be attending a program at a school other than the home school. 


COMPACT STUDENT TRANSPORTATIONCompact busses are available for daily transportation to all program schools. Compact students riding the bus will indicate so on the Compact Transportation Form. For those Compact students choosing to drive or ride with another student to a program school, parental permission must be obtained on a completed and signed Four Cities Compact Transportation Form. Student drivers are subject to all school policies at the program school (a parking pass may be required), as well as the Ohio Traffic Laws. The Transportation Form must be on file with the program teacher before a student can drive or ride. Once initiated, administrative approval is needed for a switch to Compact bus transportation. Driving privileges may also be revoked for law/rule violations.

Click here for the Compact Transportation Waiver Form.

  • For students planning to drive to Barberton for their program, please see the map for where to park and enter BHS.
  • For students planning to drive to Masonry (Norton program), please see the map for where to park and enter the building.
  • Students planning to drive to Wadsworth for their program must complete this form to access student parking. You must stop by the main office at WHS if you need to register more than one vehicle.


COMPACT BUS INFORMATION: Except for calamity days, ALL compact buses (the bus from a high school to the hub site) run when any ONE or more schools are in session.  The hub site is Norton (there is no Norton bus).  

Procedure:  You will board the bus at the home school and be transported to Norton High School.  If your program is at Norton, your trip is over.  For students continuing to Barberton, Copley, or Wadsworth, you will transfer to a Barberton, Copley, or Wadsworth bus to complete your trip.  At the end of your program time, the process is reversed.  NOTE: Some students may have to leave the program early in order to ride a return bus.  Please review this time on the first day with your instructor.   



  • School starts for Barberton on August 17, 2023.  All other Compact schools start on August 24, 2023.
  • When the home school is not in session, but the program school is, students must find their own transportation from home to their home high school if student normally rides a compact bus.   


CALAMITY DAYS:  If your home school is called off, do not attend the home school or the program school.  DO NOT DRIVE TO THE PROGRAM SCHOOL.  If your program school is called off, attend the home school and ask your home school administrator for further instructions.  If Norton is called off, there will be NO compact busses.  You will be given excused absences for calamity days.