Calamity Days

*Delay Schedule links are at the bottom of this page.*


Calamity Days are days that school is called off due to weather or unforseen circumstances.  Not all Calamity Days are Snow Days, but they make up the vast majority.  A Calamity Day might also be caused by a power outage, flooding, fire, etc.

In the event of a two hour delay students attending the home school operating under the delay are not required or expected to report to their program school for any Career Tech classes beginning before 9:30. The second Compact Bus run will take place as usual in the delayed district (9:15 CHS, 9:30 NHS, 9:20 WHS).  Normal bus runs will continue in all districts throughout the rest of the day.


Rules for attendance on Calamity Days:

  1. If Norton High School is called off, NO buses will travel and therefore, no student (who normally travels) will go to another school for the entire day.  However, if a student's program is in their home school, they are still to attend their academics and program.  All programs in schools that are open will proceed as normal.  Students are given an excused absence and the absence will not count against them.   Example, if Norton is called off, Wadsworth students do not attend a program at Barberton or Copley but would attend a program at Wadsworth.
  2. If a student's program school or home school is called off, the student will not attend the program school.  A bus will NOT run in a district that has been closed and students may not drive themselves.  Students are given an excused absence and the absence will not count against them. 
  3. Delays.  Barberton, Copley, and Wadsworth all have the option for a 2 hour delay.  Assuming that Norton has NOT been called off, students may or may not attend programs in another district depending on the time of day the program is regularly in session.  Some morning programs will be delayed or cancelled.
  4. Click on the links below to view the delay schedules.  The columns across the top represent the students HOME school and the programs that the student attends are listed down the left side.  Find the box where the two meet and that will tell you what bus the student will be riding or if the program is cancelled for the student.
  5. Notice that there are multiple schedules.  This is because any one or more of the three districts may be on delay.  Again, Norton has no delay and is either in session or school is called off for the day.  If Norton is called off for the day, NO busses will run for the entire day.  Students will not attend their program IF it is located at another school.  Students are expected to attend their program IF it is located at their home school.