Compact Scholarships

Stone Ledges Scholarships

Students in the Four Cities Compact are very fortunate to have the opportunity to apply for a Stone Ledges Scholarship.  The Stone Ledges Scholarships are provided by a benefactor who wishes to remain annonymous.  The benefactor has offered over $250,000 in scholarships to our Career Tech students in the last 14 years.

Our benefactor has stated that the purpose of a scholarship is to encourage a Career Tech student to attend the first year of a two year college or tech school.  The Scholarships are intended for students who would not otherwise attend due to financial hardships.  Primary consideration is given to students who will attend a two year college to study in their high school program area.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship should speak to their home school counselor, download and print out a hard copy of the forms below, and follow the instructions.  The application and other forms may not be submitted electronically, they must be completed and submitted as hard copies.


Other Scholarships Not Specific to the Compact


Ohio ACTE- Darrell Parks Scholarship

The Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education (Ohio ACTE) is proud to offer the annual $1,000 Darrell Parks Student Scholarship.  Any student enrolled in an Ohio Career and Technical Program is eligible to apply.

A one-time monetary scholarship will be sent to the recipient's program of higher education to be used toward tuition/fees.  The recipient must successfully enroll for the first term of postsecondary education within one year of being awarded the Darell Parks Scholarship.