Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement 

The Mission of the Four Cities Compact is to prepare youths and adults, in an efficient and timely fashion, to make informed career choices and to successfully enter, compete, and advance in a changing work world. This mission will be achieved in concert with educational and business communities by offering comprehensive education, training, and support services that develop occupational, academic, and employment skills.



The four school districts that make up the Four Cities Compact have developed a philosophy that applies to all Career and Technical and special needs.  We believe that:


1.      Each individual should be a craftsman in attitude and skill with concern for the safety and welfare of others.

2.      There is dignity and beauty in any job that is performed well and with an attitude of pride.

3.      Every individual should leave school with a saleable skill and the ability to secure employment.

4.      The educational demands of a complex, changing society can only be dealt with through flexible educational leadership and

         facilities that meet the demands of this dynamic society.


Trades and Industrial Education

Some of our students do not go to college and will be involved in career technical occupations upon high school graduation.  We feel it is the duty of our school to to explore the individual differences and needs of the students and provide Career and Technical training to prepare them for advantageous initial entry into employment in a specific or closely allied trade, industrial, technical, or service occupation. This is achieved at our school through either a full-time in-school program or a part-time school and a part-time employment (cooperative) program, or both.


The instructional program is based upon clearly defined skills, proficiencies, and knowledge needed for successful entry into a particular occupational area in which there are opportunities for employment. It should be and is the greatest concern of our school to meet the individual needs of our student and our community.