Engineering Design & Technology

Engineering Design and Technology is a program combining technical training with college prep academics that could lead to an Associate's or Bachelor's degree with post-secondary education.  Students will learn to use state-of-the-art professional hardware/software to design 3D models and technical documentation.  They will also investigate computer-aided design, robotics, electronics and manufacturing processes.  Each year, in addition to class time, students will complete 134 hours in non-paid/work experiences and worksite visits.

See the Virtual Spring Open House for incoming Compact students participating in Engineering Design & Technology.

  • Sketching and mechanical drawing
  • Problem-solving geometry and applied physics
  • Blueprint design, production, and interpretation
  • Computer-aided drafting and design (CADD)
  • Architectural/engineering language and design
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Draftsman, detailer
  • CAD supervisor/control clerk
  • Engineer (with post-secondary education)
  • Architect (with post-secondary education)
  • Designer, CAD or CRT operator