Compact update on CTE Job/Work Experiences

All Four Cities Compact students currently involved in a job or work related experience in association with their Career Technical Education program are not required by the schools in any way to continue their work or participation during the state shutdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Based on the guidance from the Governor's office below- each student and family can make the personal decision to continue paid employment opportunities if they so choose, but are free of any school obligations and requirements that may be in place until further notice. 


Are students still permitted to work as part of apprenticeships, internships, etc. that are supervised by the school?

The answer to this question depends on the individual arrangement. In some cases, it might be appropriate if the student’s work based-learning experience is safe and is attentive to social distancing (i.e., the student interacts with very few other people). It may also matter if the student is actually an employee of the business. Ultimately, this is a local decision that should be made in partnership with the student, parents and/or caregivers, school leadership and the Employer.