Norton FCCLA Serves Veterans

Shoutout to the amazing Mrs. Angie Barnhart, the driving force behind Norton High School's FCCLA!  Without her support and guidance, our FCCLA NHS family wouldn't be the incredible community it is today.

FCCLA is more than just an acronym for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. It's a bond that goes beyond the classroom, a shared passion for making a difference. Mrs. Barnhart and her students inspire us to be excited to come to school and create memorable moments.

Last Friday, on Veterans Day, our hearts swelled with pride as they prepared and served a delicious breakfast to veterans from all walks of life. Mrs. Barnhart and the FCCLA team poured their time and dedication into every detail, ensuring our honored guests enjoyed not just a meal, but an experience filled with warmth and gratitude.

Thank you, Mrs. Barnhart & students, for instilling in us the spirit of service and for making each day more meaningful through FCCLA!