Carpentry House Sold at Auction

Congratulations to the Lewis Family for being the successful auction bidders for the house built by students in the Four Cities Compact's Carpentry Program (Wadsworth High School). The home was sold on June 28th for $335,000.  Monies from the sale go to pay for building expenses, with leftover proceeds going back into the program to help fund next year's project. Many thanks to Dave Kaufman and the DW Kaufman Realty Co., as well as Russell D. Farnsworth (Auctioneer from the Emerson Group LLC). Many of the program students who worked on the home (along with Teacher Chris Kallai and Job Site Assistant Christopher Kallai Jr.) were in attendance, and had the chance to meet the Lewis Family and see how happy they were to become the home's first owners. Thanks also to all in attendance who came out on a beautiful evening to support the program.