In Person Learning Updates for CTE Programs

As we continue to work on back to schools plans in all four districts we know decisions are being made by our families as to if a Compact student will attend their Career Tech Education program in person this year. It is important to note that we will have virus safety plans specific to each program in place by the start of school. These plans will be based on protocols set forth by the program school district (please see district pages for updates) and may include additional virus safety measures that are currently in practice in Ohio businesses and industries within the program's career pathway.

Although we will do our very best to be flexible and provide a virtual learning option for the programs, there are aspects within many of them that simply cannot be replicated outside an in-person learning environment. Hands-on skills, Industry Certifications, college credit opportunities, Career Tech Student Organization participation/competition, End-of-Course Exams and work based learning opportunities are just some of the areas that may be impacted if a student is not attending their program in person.

We respect each individual's and family decisions, as well as mandates from the Government and health departments. We will truly try to help each student gain as much from their program this year as they can, no matter what format they choose or what we must do for safety and compliance. We just want all to understand the unavoidable limitations a virtual attendance option carries. If a student would like the option of taking a Compact program in person and their core academic classes virtually that may be possible, and arrangements can be worked on through their school counselor and the Compact office. Please contact the Compact Office and/or Director Roger Wright at if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for both your understanding of our current challenges and thoughtful consideration of this important matter.