New Compact Transportation Policy

Parents/Students: We would like to announce a change in Compact Transportation policy. With parental permission on a new Compact Transportation Form, Compact students will now be allowed to drive or ride with another Compact student to and from their program school.

The changes come for several reasons, and are intended to allow our students and families greater flexibility and more options to better meet their needs and schedules. As we navigate through this unique and challenging school year, this change will help some students doing virtual learning for their academic classes who find it difficult to get to their home school during the day to catch a Compact bus. Aside from this year, the change will also help some of our students increase their daily instructional time by being able to arrive to their program earlier or stay later.  Here is the new language as it now appears in the Four Cities Compact Procedures Manual. 

COMPACT STUDENT TRANSPORTATION: Compact busses are available for daily transportation to all program schools. Compact students riding the bus will indicate so on the Compact Transportation Form. For those Compact students choosing to drive or ride with another student to a program school, parental permission must be obtained on a completed and signed Four Cities Compact Transportation Form. Student drivers are subject to all school policies at the program school (a parking pass may be required), as well as the Ohio Traffic Laws. The Transportation Form must be on file with the program teacher before a student can drive or ride. Once initiated, administrative approval is needed for a switch to Compact bus transportation. Driving privileges may also be revoked for law/rule violations.


This information, as well as the Compact Transportation Form, can be found by clicking on "Transportation" under the "Students& Parents" tab.