Important Update from BHS

A message from Barberton City Schools on the days following Thanksgiving- all Compact programs AT Barberton High School will be completely remote on Monday (11/30), Tuesday (12/1) and Wednesday (12/2). Compact Programs at Barberton High School will resume In-Person on Thursday (12/3). Barberton students attending In-Person programs at the other districts should report as usual to their Compact Programs (Compact Bus runs will still go on) on Tuesday (12/1) and Wednesday (12/2).  Please see the full message from Barberton below.

Parent’s students, staff and community members,

We appreciate your hard work helping us follow our plan. We knew there would be cases of COVID-19, but your focus, cooperation, and keeping your student’s home when exhibiting symptoms has limited the spread of this virus.

We have noticed that when we have long weekends, we have a spike in cases. Thanksgiving is coming upon us soon and families will be gathering, older students will be coming home from college, and there will be a greater opportunity for exposure to this virus.

In order to give us a safety cushion of six days from the actual holiday to the return of students into our buildings, ALL students will be on a remote learning plan starting on Monday, November 30th, and continuing on Tuesday, December 1st and Wednesday, December 2nd.

In-person learning will resume on Thursday, December 3rd.

Remote learners will be business as usual starting on Monday, November 30th.

If anyone has symptoms or is exposed, this will give some extra time for symptoms to appear. As always, keep your student home if they have symptoms.

For students and families who have not done remote learning this year, attendance will be taken every day. Teachers will also practice remote learning with in-person students in class before the holiday break to make sure they are ready for the transition. During the break and remote learning days, all of our school buildings will get an additional deep cleaning.

This brief remote learning time for everyone is just another safety measure that keeps our students, staff, families, and community safe. Doing this also helps us keep our school buildings open. Thank you for understanding and for allowing us to function at a high level during a public health crisis.

Please enjoy your families and be safe during the Thanksgiving holiday.