Compact Holds Compact Showcase

The Four Cities Compact held the Compact Showcase at Barberton High School, and it was nice to be back in person!  Sophomore students from all four Compact schools had an opportunity to learn about our programs, and the application is now OPEN!!!!  Students have a QR code in the paperwork they received today if they would like to apply now.  Parents, please visit the Compact website if you would like information about any of our programs or call our office at 330-335-1309. The new course catalogs were mailed to Sophomore homes, and we have one posted to the website as well.  Two new programs that did not make it into the Catalog are Diverse Medical Technologies at Wadsworth High School and Teacher Training at Norton High School.  Pending Board approval, both will be offered next year!!!!  Many thanks to our hosts at BHS for all their help with the showcase!


Access the Compact Application

Access the Compact Showcase Website