Director's Message

Career Tech Students and Parents,

Greetings all! As we quickly approach the start of the 2019-20 school year I want to send a few updates and reminders about the Career Tech Education classes offered through the Four Cities Compact.
To begin, I want to make you aware of the starting dates at each school and remind you that the Compact buses run beginning Tuesday, August 20, which is the first day of school at Norton HS. The opening days for the other schools are as follows: Barberton HS, Copley HS, and Wadsworth HS all open on Wednesday, August 21. The first day of the program school district is the first day all students enrolled in that program report (i.e. all students enrolled in a NHS program start on August 20). Again, Compact buses will be running. The bus schedule is included and posted on our website.

Also, a reminder the Four Cities Compact office (330-335-1479) is staffed by four people:    

Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Laura Kerstetter- (330) 335-1479

Job Training Compact Counselor:  Mr. Ryan Whited330- (330) 335-1384

Career Pathways Counselor:  Mrs. Corinne Magensky- (330) 335-9412

Compact Director:  Mr. Roger Wright- (330) 335-1309

All of us would be happy to answer any general questions you may have about programs or Compact operations.  Questions regarding issues specific to a program may be directed to program instructors.


Other helpful info for quick reference- school Attendance Numbers and Compact Counselors:

Barberton HS: (330) 753-1084     Mr. Chris Brunner- (330) 753-1084 ext. 25511

Copley HS: (330) 664-4823     Mr. Daniel Campana- (330) 664-4831

Norton HS: (330) 706-2760     Mrs. Jessica Williams- (330) 825-6104

Wadsworth HS: (330) 335-1370     Mrs. Jodie McInnes- (330) 335-1381

Some other items to be aware of are:

  • All Compact programs put a strong emphasis on sound attendance.  Absences that impact both schools should be reported at both schools.
  • Students attending two high schools fall under the adopted Codes of Conduct for each building.
  • Students may drive themselves (but not others) to their Compact program only with permission obtained on their home school parking pass form. Driving privileges may be revoked for rule violations, including tardiness.
  • Some programs have special fees and costs associated with needed materials, uniforms, and supplies.  
  • The Emergency Medical Form is included. Please complete the form in blue/black ink. Completed forms should include 3 parent/guardian signatures and 1 student signature. Students will not receive their Compact t-shirt until completed forms are received.
  • Beyond our webpage ( we now have several ways to get timely information about the Compact out to parents/students. Please review the following options:
    1. Text Messages: We will use Remind to keep you informed about important news and updates. More specific information and details about how to sign up will be coming shortly.
    2. Facebook: go to the Four Cities Compact Facebook page.


I wish all of you a great start to the new school year.  Please take advantage of every opportunity to learn and prepare yourself for the years ahead and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you along the way.


Roger Wright
Director Four Cities Compact